Careful as you go

We want to make sure every journey you have with us is a safe journey. So we’ve had a think about what safety means, and ways we can all help each other keep out of harm’s way. 

Gently does it

Slow and steady wins the race, so give yourself plenty of time to catch your train – and leave the running to Mo.

Eyes on the prize

We know newspapers and phones are interesting. But best not to read them on the go, or you might end up walking into something… or someone. 

Scores on the doors

Train doors close 30 - 45 seconds before departure, stand well back from closing train doors – they won’t re-open automatically if you block them and you could get stuck in the middle.

Mellow yellow

The yellow line is your friend. It’s there to stop your handbag or suit jacket getting stuck in the train doors and keep you safe from passing trains. So be smart, and stand behind it.

Excitable children

We know how excited kids can get at the station. With so many things to look at. And so much going on, it’s important to keep them close by, especially when getting on and off our trains.  

Buggy central

If you have a buggy, we recommend going buggy first when you get on the train, and stepping off before your buggy once you’ve reached your destination. Just seems to work better.

Butter fingers

If you drop something on the track, please just leave it there and tell a member of our team. Don’t risk trying to get it yourself. It’s really not worth it. 

Watch your step

We’re used to rain in the southeast, but it does make for slippery surfaces. So tread carefully and watch where you point your umbrellas. 

Heads up 

If you’re not that mobile or are travelling with a friend who could do with a hand getting about then please let us know.   You can pre-book one of our team members to help you get on and off the train. Just give us a call on 0800 7834524 or fill in the form at 

Bags of trouble

Lonesome bags can cause security alerts, which can then cause delays (and nobody likes delays). So try not to leave any lying around. If you spot one, you know the score – please let us know or text 61016 for the British Transport Police. 

Daydream believer 

It’s easy to walk around in our own little world, unaware that our suitcases or backpacks might be in the way. Always try to put yourself in other people’s shoes, and keep your eyes peeled for children. 

Hold on tight

Please give the handrails a chance – we guarantee they’ll help you get up and down the stairs safer. 

Mind that gap

And please mind the gap – we know you’ve heard it before, but please take care when leaving the train and stand behind the yellow line when getting on.  

Drink more water

Water does all sorts of clever stuff for your body and when it’s hot, it’s a really good idea to have a bottle on you, so you don’t feel faint or dizzy. Find out how you can prepare for the summer heat here.

Clear the way

We’re all heading somewhere. And we can all help make sure the train leaves on time by keeping things (coats, bags, umbrellas) away from the closing doors.