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Find out when and how you can apply

Apply for a refund

Find out when and how you can apply for a refund. Please see table below for tickets that are eligible for a refund. 
Ticket types eligible for a refund*
Refundable  Non-refundable 
Advanced Tickets    ✔
Anytime Tickets  ✔  
Off-Peak Tickets  ✔  
Super Off-Peak Tickets  ✔  
Season Tickets  ✔  

*please note there may be an admin charge. 

When can you apply for a refund?

You can apply for a refund:

  • Before the date and time your ticket is for
  • Up to 28 days after your ticket has expired

Daily and Season Tickets being surrendered for non-use can be applied for at our ticket offices or through customer services.

If you apply for a refund on an unused Anytime or Off peak ticket before the ticket is valid for travel, or on the day, at the ticket office where the ticket was bought, within an hour of purchase, we will give you a refund and won’t charge you any administration fee. 

The expiry date depends on the terms and conditions for that ticket.

If you apply for a refund after your daily ticket has expired, we’ll charge a £10 admin fee. However, the admin fee is not applicable to Season Tickets.

Refunds for Intermediate sickness and First class declassification can be applied for by contacting customer services.

Refunds on Season Tickets

If you bought your Season Ticket directly from us, we can generally give you a refund if there is:

  • Seven weeks (or more) left on an annual Season Ticket
  • Seven days (or more) left on a Season Ticket valid between one and ten months
  • Three days (or more) left on a weekly Season Ticket

For your refund, come along to a staffed ticket office or apply to Customer Services.  Refunds are made in the same way you paid.  We can only arrange refunds on tickets that were originally bought from a Southeastern outlet. If you bought it somewhere else, then you should go directly to the supplier for the refund.

Refunds are calculated from the first to the last date of travel and is the difference between what you originally paid and what you would have paid for a Season Ticket (or combination of tickets) covering that period. Refunds are NOT calculated on a pro rata basis.

So you won’t get a complete refund for the period of time left on your ticket. To explain, an annual season ticket gives 52 weeks’ worth of travel for the cost of 40,  so refunds are calculated on the basis of what you paid rather than period left on the ticket.   To find out what your refund might be please visit the National Rail Enquiries Season ticket calculator

We can’t give you a refund if you don’t use your Season Ticket for a period of time then start using it again, unless you have been ill. 

Unable to travel due to illness

We’ll consider a refund if you’ve been unable to travel due to illness for a minimum of four continuous unbroken weeks. We’ll calculate your refund by multiplying half the weekly Season Ticket cost by the number of weeks you were unable to travel – known as an intermediate period of sickness.

An intermediate period of sickness can be refunded if it started after your Season Ticket began and ended before your Season Ticket expired. During this time you need to keep hold of your ticket. 
If you know you won’t need your Season Ticket again, we can give you a refund on the length of time remaining. 

If you’re able to, you can always call in at your local Southeastern station for advice or call Customer Services on 0345 322 7021.

Refund on Railcard

If you have forgotten to travel with your railcard and were unable to get the discount on your ticket, then you can apply for a refund. Please send copies of your rail tickets and your railcard to our Customer Services team and they will be able to help you. They can be contacted at:
Southeastern Customer Services
PO Box 10422
LE65 9EL
Find out how to get in touch with us.



Refund application form for online bookings

To apply for a refund download the refund form.

Complete it and send it with the ticket you want refunded and any other travel documents like a copy of your booking confirmation to:

Southeastern Online Refunds
LE65 9EL

We recommend you send your Season Ticket by special or recorded delivery.

If your ticket hasn’t been printed yet, you can apply for a refund using our online contact form.



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