Where to buy GroupSave Tickets

To get the GroupSave discount, you can buy tickets online, from a ticket office or our ticket machines.

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Travelling with children?

Any children travelling in addition to your group of adults will be eligible for Kids for a Quid Tickets. If there are less than three adults in your group, however, it may work out cheaper to buy regular Off-Peak Tickets for the adults and Kids for a Quid Tickets for the children.

If you’re travelling with a larger group of adults and children, take a look at Group Travel.

To see which option is best for your group, book online or ask for advice at a ticket office.

GroupSave is valid on…

  • Off-Peak Tickets  
  • Anytime Single Tickets
  • Off-Peak day travel cards (bought outside of the London zones)

GroupSave discount
Terms and Conditions

  • GroupSave fares are based on groups of 3 to 9 people travelling together at all times and people travelling on this fare cannot split from the group to travel separately.
  • GroupSave is valid during Off-Peak times on: Super Off-Peak Day Singles and Returns, Off-Peak and some Anytime Tickets, where available.
  • Available from 09:30 Monday to Friday and at any time at weekends and Bank Holidays.
  • Kids for a Quid Tickets can be combined with GroupSave. Adults travelling as part of a GroupSave party can purchase up to four Kids for a Quid Tickets each for the children in their party.
  • GroupSave is valid on Off-Peak Day Travelcards for travel only from stations outside of the London area (not for purchase in the London Fares Zones 1-6).
  • GroupSave is valid on Off-Peak Returns for return within one calendar month, where available.
  • Discounts apply to listed ticket types only and cannot be secured in conjunction with any other offers. GroupSave cannot be used with Railcards, any other Train Operating Company special offers, train or bus travel connecting river or sea routes.
  • GroupSave is available for Standard Class travel only.
  • Special ticket refund procedures apply for GroupSave.

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