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Weekender Tickets

Going away for the night? Buy a Weekender Ticket and travel Off-Peak on a Friday or Saturday, and return on the Saturday or Sunday

How Weekender Tickets work

  • You can travel outwards on Fridays after 9.30am or anytime Saturdays
  • For your return trip, your ticket is valid on any train on Saturdays or Sundays 
  • Make the most of your ticket – stop off at any one of our stations on your way home at no extra cost

Extra discounts

Use your Railcard with your Weekender Ticket and get a discount.

Terms & Conditions

The Weekender Ticket is a permanent offer that is only valid on our network. With a Weekender you can from 9.30am on a Friday or anytime on a Saturday and return anytime on the Saturday or Sunday, for little more than a normal off-peak day return.


You can buy tickets in advance or immediately before travel. They are available from our ticket offices, online or from our ticket vending machines.


GroupSave discounts are not available with the Weekender.

When and where the ticket can be used

Weekenders are available for First Class and Standard Class travel. Outward travel is valid Fridays after 9.30am or Saturdays on any train but you can't break your journey on route.
For return travel, your ticket is valid on any train on Saturdays or Sundays and must be completed within three days of the outward travel. You can break your journey on your return journey.
Not valid for journeys wholly within the London Zones 1-6 area. 
All the other usual terms and conditions apply. See