No e-scooters & e-skateboards from 1 June 2023

From Thursday 1 June 2023 both e-scooters and e-skateboards will not be permitted on Southeastern trains or stations. The batteries on e-scooters and e-skateboards are a known fire safety risk. If you arrive at a station with either you may not be able to complete your journey.

Why are you restricting the use of e-scooters and e-skateboards?

We have well-evidenced safety concerns about the lithium-ion batteries used on these items and there have been some isolated incidents where they have caught fire. If this was to happen on-board one of our trains, it would be extremely dangerous.

The batteries are situated under the board where users stand on e-scooters and e-skateboards, which makes them more susceptible to damage from hitting kerbs or other surfaces. 

Therefore, along with many other train operating companies, we have decided to ban e-scooters and e-skateboards from 1 June 2023 until we can be sure they are safe. 

Govia Thameslink Railway and South Western Railway are also banning their use from 1 June 2023.

Under what conditions is the ban enforceable?

Paragraph 23.5 of the National Rail Conditions of Travel stipulates e-scooters (including e-unicycles) as an item are only permitted by the discretion of individual railway companies. This gives Southeastern the right to refuse to carry them.

The Railway Byelaws also contain several provisions that can be used to enforce the ban on e-scooters, e-skateboards or any other recreational mobility devices powered by lithium-ion batteries, e.g., Byelaw 2.

What about other devices powered by lithium-ion batteries such as e-unicycles and hoverboards?

All other recreational mobility devices powered by lithium-ion batteries are not permitted on our trains or stations.

Can I bring on an e-bike?

You can travel with an electrically-assisted pedal cycle as long as it’s similar in size to a normal cycle. Power-assisted cycles without traditional cycle-style pedals aren’t allowed.

We don’t allow tandems, tricycles, handbikes, motorcycles or cycles with trailers on our trains. Find out more information on our cycle policy page.

What about mobility scooters?

We welcome wheelchairs and mobility scooters up to 1200mm long and 700mm wide and they can travel in the space provided.
We use train to platform boarding ramps that are available on all our trains and have a combined (user and chair/scooter) weight restriction of 300kg.
For more information, download our wheelchair and scooter guide PDF.

Can e-scooters/e-skateboards be left at stations/lost property?

No. If an e-scooter or e-skateboard is left at our station it will be reported, collected and disposed of.

Is this a permanent ban?

Until greater regulation and testing can be brought in to ensure the safety of those travelling on trains, e-scooters, e-skateboards and other electric modes of transport will remain banned.