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Bikes on trains

Find out when you can use bikes on Southeastern trains, bike racks and docks at stations. Plus details of our Brompton hire scheme

Our policy on cycles

With so many great places to cycle in the South East it’s not surprising that people want to take their bike on the train. Find out more about cycling by train, when and where you can take your bike.

Ticket to ride?

You can take your bike on any of our off-peak services, at the weekend or outside the hectic rush hours during the week.

While you can’t take a non-folding bike on trains going through London on a weekday during peak times, there are no restrictions on folding bikes.

Peak times are Monday to Friday, 7am - 10am and 4pm - 7pm.

Other routes

You can take a bike on these routes at any time of the day: 

  • Gillingham, Otford or Tonbridge trains heading away from London
  • Kent or East Sussex trains, if you’re not stopping at Gillingham, Otford or Tonbridge

Folding bikes

You can take a fold-up bike (such as a Brompton) on all of our trains, at any time.

Make sure you fold the bike up on the platform, and keep it folded on board the train, to leave space for your fellow passengers.

You can also hire a Brompton folding bike at four of our stations – find out more about our bike hire scheme

Bike storage

Most of our stations have bike racks or lockers. For full details, check our station information.

Station information form

Bikes on rail replacement bus services 

If your train is cancelled you won’t be able to carry your bike onto a replacement bus service.

However, you might be able to fit a folding bike in the luggage area if there’s enough space.

Plusbike logo

National Rail and cycling by train

National Rail encourages the integrated use of cycles and trains. You can find out information to help plan your specific cycle and rail journey with National Rail’s PlusBike. A one-stop shop for tailored information to your journey about everything from cycle facilities at stations, reservation details, cycle carriage rules and cycle hire.

For more information, visit or download the PlusBike leaflet.