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High Speed Tickets

Get there quicker on our 140mph Javelin trains, on the UK’s only High Speed train line, running from London St Pancras to Ashford International

Travel at speed

We run the UK’s only High Speed train line. Our 140mph Javelin trains travel at high speeds from London St Pancras to Ebbsfleet International and Ashford International, that go on to call at many stations across Kent – including Canterbury, Margate, Dover and the Medway towns.So you can get where you need to be, faster. 

To travel on our High Speed service you can either buy a walk-on ticket or buy a supplement to upgrade an existing ticket:

Walk on tickets

You can buy tickets for our High Speed trains online or at a ticket office.  


You can buy a supplement and upgrade to High Speed services if you have:

  • A valid ticket or Season Ticket for any Southeastern service into London
  • A Travelcard starting from a Southeastern station outside the London Travelcard area

You can buy daily High Speed upgrades from ticket offices or self-service ticket machines. If you don’t have a valid existing ticket and you want to use the High Speed line you should buy a High Speed Ticket instead. 

Buying a High Speed supplement – what else should I know?

  • The origin and destination stations on your supplement must match those on your original ticket
  • You won’t be able to buy a high speed upgrade supplement if your existing ticket is for travel within the London area only

Can I use my ticket on a High Speed service? 

You will be able to travel on a High Speed (HS) service if your ticket has one of the following descriptions:

  • PLUS HIGH SPEED – for walk on and supplement tickets
  • UPGRADE + HS – for supplement tickets, when shown with an existing valid ticket for Southeastern services in and out of London
  • ANY PERMITTED – for long distance tickets, for example if you are continuing your journey beyond  London St Pancras 

You can't use a ticket on the HS route that says on it ‘Not Valid on HS1’, unless you've bought a supplement as well.

Travelling First Class?

  • There's no First Class seating on any High /speed (HS) services 
  • If you've got a valid First Class Ticket you may be able to travel on HS services at no extra cost – check with your local station
  • First Class ticket holders travelling back to use a high speed service will need to buy a ticket between their original station and the relevant HS station

Travelling on a Season Ticket?

  • Weekly High Speed upgrades are not available 
  • Earlybird ticket holders can't upgrade to high speed

Can I get a discount?

You can get a discount on our HS services if you have one of the following railcards:

  • Disabled 
  • Family & Friends 
  • Senior 
  • 16-25 
  • Network Railcard 
  • Two Together 
  • Forces Railcard 

If you use a Railcard to get a discount, normal minimum fare rules will still apply.

Tickets bought with a Jobcentreplus Travel Discount Card are not valid for travel on HS services - even if an upgrade ticket is purchased. 

Using Oyster PAYG and Contactless

You can save time on your commute and skip the ticket machine by using Oyster pay as you go and Contactless payments to travel on high speed services between London St Pancras and Stratford International.

The Oyster/Contactless fares between these stations will be the same as or lower than the standard HS ticket prices. Remember though, separate high speed pay as you go rates apply. This new fare is not included within daily or weekly capping. 

Note that London Travelcards are not accepted on high speed train services. 

For full details on Oyster and Contactless payment visit

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