Season Tickets

Save money on your regular journeys

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Season Tickets save you money on your regular journeys

If you make the same journey regularly, it may be worth buying a Season ticket. You can choose how long you want your Season ticket to last, from seven days, to any period between one month and one year.

Season tickets are priced on a five day, Monday to Friday working week with Saturdays and Sundays added on at no extra charge.

If you have a paper Season ticket, remember to carry your photocard with you when you travel. Or why not simplify your journey with sTickets, digital Season tickets sent straight to your phone. You can also buy and download your Season ticket to our contactless smartcard, The Key.  Both options are easy to use and allow you to fast-track through the station, avoiding the queues. Plus, you won’t need to carry a photocard anymore!

Helping you get the best value for your journey

If you are planning to travel regularly on weekdays during peak times, our Season Ticket Calculator will help you find the best value ticket for your journey. Simply enter your journey details and it will search for the best value ticket.

Tickets you can buy include Flexi Season, Weekly, Monthly, Custom and Annual Season tickets, plus Anytime Day Returns.

Total period cost

Please note annual leave is not factored in to the calculation of the Total period cost.
For 12 calendar months of travel, the Flexi Season ticket Total period cost will vary depending on how many days a week you plan to travel. 
For travel up to 2 days a week for 12 calendar months, the calculation for the Total period cost is based on 12 x Flexi Season tickets. 
If you plan to travel more than 2 days a week for 12 calendar months, more than 12 Flexi Season tickets will be needed and the calculation for the Total period cost will reflect that. 

Customers travelling 3 days per week

If you are travelling 3 days per week, you will need more than one Flexi Season ticket in a month. Flexi Season tickets are valid for up to 28 days, so any days travel unused can be used in the following calendar month. This may not be clear in the Season Ticket Calculator results when a 3 day per week work pattern is selected for an odd number of months (i.e. 1, 3, 5 etc). For a comparable Cost per day, please select an even (i.e. 2, 4, 6 etc) number of months.

Please note this does not offer a full comparison of all the fares available for your journey. If you travel at off-peak times, use our online journey planner.

Go digital and get an sTicket sent straight to your phone

An sTicket is the digital version of a Season ticket provided as a barcode that is stored in the Southeastern app.

An sTicket appears instantly in the app after purchase. There’s no waiting for an email and you won’t need to queue at the station or wait for it to arrive in the post. Plus, you won’t need to carry a paper ticket and photocard with you anymore!

Visit our sTickets page to find out more.

Or why not switch to The Key?

If you buy and download your Season ticket to The Key, our contactless smartcard, you can fast-track through the station and avoid the queues. Plus, you won't need a photocard!

If your Key is lost or stolen, we'll block it so you won't lose out, and we will replace your Key card for free. Should you need to get a refund, simply log into your account and follow the easy steps. The money will be refunded directly to you.

Order your Key card

If you already hold a paper Season Ticket, it's easy to transfer your ticket to The Key. Simply enter the identification number on your ticket when prompted with the option to transfer to The Key.

Book direct with Southeastern:

  • No booking fees
  • Access to offers, discounts and competitions with Southeastern Rewards
  • If your journey is delayed by 15 minutes or more it is easy to claim compensation under our Delay Repay scheme.

You can check the full terms and conditions for Season Ticket fares at National Rail Enquiries.

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