About reserving a seat

You can’t reserve a seat on our trains.

You can simply stroll onto any of our trains and sit yourself down in a spare seat if you have a valid ticket.

Some of our trains are a lot busier than others, so we can’t always guarantee you’ll get a seat. We're sorry about that.

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SeatFinder Tool

Use our SeatFinder tool to check how busy your train might be and where seats are available, so you can plan your journey with confidence. If you’re looking to travel within the next 2 hours, our SeatFinder tool will show you how busy trains from your station usually are.

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SeatFinder Timetables

If you’re planning your journey in advance, you can use our SeatFinder Timetables to see how busy trains usually are on each individual weekday. So if you’re only travelling a couple of days each week, then you can compare each day to help you find the quietest times to travel. 

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Priority seating

We offer free Priority Seating cards to those who have a special need for a seat – if you’re an older person, disabled, have a non-visible disability or pregnant. Priority seats are usually near the doors and are marked with a sign showing a ‘P’ inside a blue triangle.

Mothers-to-be can also request a free Baby on Board badge.

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Reservations with other train companies

If part of your journey is with another train company, but you book it through us, we’ll contact them to book you a seat (when and where possible).

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