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A Flexi Season ticket provides passengers with 8 days of travel in 28 days – any time between two named stations. The 8 days of travel doesn’t need to be specified in advance, giving part-time commuters more flexibility to travel when they want and need.

The Flexi Season ticket is priced between an Anytime Day Return and a 7 Day Season ticket, offering savings for commuters travelling during peak times, 2-3 days a week.

Flexi Season tickets will be available on The Key contactless smartcard. If you don’t have a Key smartcard then please allow plenty of time to get one before you travel - they can take up to 4 working days to arrive by post. Find out more about The Key here. You will need to activate a day pass within your ticket before you travel.

The new flexible ticket will be on sale on 21 June 2021, for travel from 28 June 2021.

You can travel with a Flexi Season ticket between two stations of your choice. These can be for stations that are both located outside the London Travelcard Zones, or from a station outside the London Travelcard Zones to anywhere within the zones, for example, Tonbridge to Lewisham or London Terminals.

Flexi Season tickets are not available for journeys between two stations within the London Travelcard Zones 1-8, for example Bromley South to London Terminals, or for journeys that include Travelcard add ons. 

A Flexi Season ticket is a new kind of Season ticket that allows you to take advantage of a frequent travel discount, giving you 8 days of travel within a 28 day period. 

You can use your 8 days of travel at any point during the 28 day period, and you can travel at any time of the day.

In comparison, with a Season ticket you can receive unlimited travel for either a week, month, year or custom length of time. Season tickets are also available in First Class, and there are Season tickets for children.

You will be able to find out the cost of a Flexi Season ticket from 21 June and can check which ticket is right for your journey.

The cost of a Flexi Season ticket is a convenient solution if you’re travelling during peak times twice a week, but it will vary between departure and arrival stations. 
If you’re travelling during peak times more than twice a week, you may want to consider a regular Season ticket.

Flexi Season tickets can be purchased online, through our app and at most of our ticket offices. 

Flexi Season tickets are only available on our contactless smartcard, The Key.

If you don’t have a Key smartcard then please allow plenty of time to get one before you travel, they can take up to 4 days to arrive by post.

Order a Key smartcard

If you do have a Key smartcard, you can buy a Flexi Season ticket online or via our Southeastern app and load it on to your Key smartcard through our app. Before you travel, all you have to do is activate a day’s worth of travel using the Southeastern app. Remember to activate before each of your 8 days of travel.

If you forget to do this, you can activate Flexi Season passes on a gateline reader at the station (if available) or seek out a member of staff who can activate it for you.


Once you’ve purchased your Flexi Season ticket and before you travel, you will need to activate one of your 8 day passes using our Southeastern app.

You need to activate a day’s Flexi pass before you board your train, otherwise your ticket won’t be valid and could lead to a Penalty Fare.

Different tickets have different restrictions so if your Flexi Season ticket only permits travel between your chosen two stations with one operator, then you can’t use that ticket to travel on a different operator. If there is disruption then you may be permitted to travel on another operator, this will be communicated at the time.

Yes. However, we recommend you wait until after you’ve used all 8 days of travel on your active Flexi Season ticket before buying a new one. 

If you need to buy another Flexi Season ticket before you’ve finished using your active ticket, please make sure the start date of your next Flexi Season ticket commences after the date you intend to use your last day of travel. This is to avoid starting your new ticket before you’ve used all 8 days of travel on your active ticket.

No, Flexi Season tickets can be used at both peak and off-peak times. It isn’t possible to buy a Flexi Season ticket just for off-peak travel.
No, Flexi Season tickets are available in standard class only.
No, our research showed that children travelling for education will have to travel at set times, five days a week. Children (aged 5-15 years) receive a 50% discount on Season Tickets and Travelcards, for both First Class and Standard travel. Find out more.
If you forget your Key smartcard you will need to buy a new ticket to make your journey. 
If your Key smartcard is lost or stolen, we’ll block it so you won’t lose out, plus we will replace it for free. 

Simply log in to your account, choose 'The Key replacement' in the drop-down menu, and fill in the form.
With a Flexi Season ticket you can make unlimited journeys between your To and From stations. You can also break, start or end your journey at any station on your permitted route.
London Underground or London Travelcard add-ons and journeys wholly within the London Zonal Fare Area are not available on Flexi Season tickets. You can use Pay as you go on Oyster or Contactless for onward connections on London Underground.
Sorry no, you can’t exchange a Flexi Season ticket for a regular Season ticket. In this scenario our recommendation would be to use up your eight day passes and then purchase a Season ticket.
16-17 Saver and Job Centre Plus Travel Discount Card holders will be able to get 50% off their Flexi Season ticket but no other Railcard or group discounts will apply.
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