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Are you entitled to compensation for a delayed train journey or other service issue? Check our FAQs to find out how to claim…

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Can I claim compensation for a delayed journey?

Yes, if your journey is delayed by 30 minutes or more. This scheme is called Delay Repay and it’s a national compensation scheme for rail users.  

How is compensation calculated?

Ticket type Length of delay
30 - 59 mins  1 hour - 1 hour 59 mins 2 hours +  
Single 50% of ticket price 100% of ticket price 100% of ticket price
Return 25% of ticket price 50% of tickets price 100% of ticket price 
Season 50% of journey rate
(see below)
100% of journey rate
(see below)
200% of journey rate
(see below)

Average journey rate for Season Ticket holders

So we can calculate the right compensation, here’s how we work out the average cost of a journey:

Season ticket type Journey rate
Annual Price /464
Quarterly Price /120
Monthly  Price /40
Weekly Price /10

Find out more and claim compensation online

You can find out more about what compensation you may be entitled to by visiting the Passenger Rights to Refunds and Compensation section of National Rail website

How many claims can I make on one form?

Here’s how it works:
  • With an online form you can claim for up to five journeys
  • With a paper form you can claim for up to four journeys

How is Delay Repay compensation paid?

There are five ways to get your compensation:
  • Electronic bank transfer (BACS) simply provide your sort code and account number
  • Visa simply provide your long card number, expiry date and security code 
  • PayPal – simply give us your PayPal email address
  • eVoucher – redeemable for ticket purchases online through the Southeastern website
  • Cashable vouchers (if refund is £50 or less) – swap them for cash at any Southeastern ticket office within 28 days (please bring some photo ID), or use them to buy train tickets within a year 
  • Cheque – we’ll send you a cheque if you don’t choose a payment method, and/or if the refund is over £50
An additional option is to ask us to “bank” your compensation and send you a cashable voucher or cheque once a month, quarter or year. This can be useful particularly for Season Ticket holders who want to put the money towards their next Season Ticket.

When will I be sent my banked compensation?

You’ll receive a voucher/cheque for the compensation you’ve accumulated in the previous month, quarter or year – depending on what period you chose – on the 25th of the next month (or the next working day).
So, for example:
  • If you bank monthly and were awarded compensation between 1 January and 31 January, we’ll send your voucher/cheque on 25 February.
  • If you bank quarterly and were awarded compensation during January, February or March, we’ll send your voucher/cheque on 25 April.
To find out your banked balance and when we’re sending your next voucher/cheque, give us a call anytime on 0345 322 7021.

I use Oyster pay as you go – can I still claim compensation?

Yes, if your journey has been delayed for 30 minutes or more you can use Delay Repay.
Please let us have a copy of your Oyster statement/receipt showing the journey(s) you’re claiming for. 
You can get your Oyster pay as you go statement from:

I've been repeatedly delayed recently. Do you offer anything extra to Season Ticket holders?

Yes, if you’ve been delayed by 30 minutes or more for 12 days within a business period. To see our business periods, download the claim form (pdf).
This scheme is available to all season ticket holders and is called Enhanced compensation. It’s separate from Delay Repay and you fill in a different form. (You can claim whether or not you’ve already used Delay Repay.)

How do I claim Enhanced compensation?

You can either:
Let us know the details of all journeys within a business period that were delayed by 30 minutes or more. We also need a copy of your Season Ticket (or the ticket itself if you’re a weekly customer).
Once you’ve filled the form in, send it back to us (freepost). We’ll get back to you within 10 working days.

How can I claim Delay Repay when using my Contactless bank card?

Evidence of the journey history and cost is required to process a Delay Repay claim where a Contactless card was used.
If your Contactless card is registered with an Oyster online account, you’ll be able to get a copy or take a screenshot of your journey history to submit with your Delay Repay claim.

I've heard about plans to change the compensation thresholds, when will these be introduced on Southeastern?

The announcement to increase compensation thresholds is welcome news for passengers.
Passengers have been calling for a change in the industry's compensation scheme and we're pleased the government has responded by building this into all new franchise contracts. The existing Southeastern franchise continues until 2018 and the existing thresholds are expected to continue until then. 

Why can't the compensation thresholds be changed any sooner?

If the government wishes to bring this new scheme in during our current contract, that would be a question of affordability for the government, and a matter for the Department for Transport. 
What we have been able to do is provide better, easier ways for passengers to receive compensation, including via bank transfer, cashable vouchers and PayPal. And when passengers are severely delayed, we offer enhanced compensation over and above what would be payable through Delay Repay. 

How many claims can a season ticket holder make in one day?

Season ticket holders can claim up to one outward and one return journey per day.

Do I need to use Delay Repay before I claim Enhanced compensation?

No, these are separate schemes – you can use one or both.

How will Enhanced compensation be paid?

You can choose from:
  • A single peak journey between the stations on your Season Ticket (in the form of cashable National Rail vouchers)
  • Two free day passes to use on any Southeastern service within a year
Day passes will have your name printed on them. Before you use a pass, fill in the date of travel and to/from stations, and sign it. We may ask to see the pass (and some ID) during your journey. Make sure you fill it out correctly otherwise it won't be valid and could be confiscated. Sorry, but we can't re-issue passes.
Cashable National Rail vouchers can be cashed in at any Southeastern ticket office within 28 days of their issue. You’ll be limited to £50 in one transaction per day. Please bring some photo ID with you. 
Alternatively, you can use your vouchers to buy rail tickets with any National Rail train operating company in Great Britain.
An additional option is to ask us to “bank” your compensation and send you a cashable voucher or cheque once a month, quarter or year. This can be useful particularly for Season Ticket holders who want to put the money towards their next Season Ticket. 

Claims under the Consumer Rights Act

The Consumer Rights Act 2015 provides consumers with various rights, e.g., rights where a service is not performed with reasonable care and skill (see section 49 of the Act).

For information regarding your rights when you are travelling as a consumer, including under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, see, or for further information about how it relates to Rail Travel you can visit the Customer FAQ section of the National Rail website

What is the Ticket Vending Machine Price Guarantee?

If you buy a ticket from one of our ticket vending machines (TVMs), and find the same ticket available elsewhere for a lower price, we will refund you the difference. To check if you can get a refund please contact our Customer Services team by writing to us, including copies of any tickets bought. 

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