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Paper Season ticket refunds 

We’ve introduced a new temporary refund process to allow passengers with paper Season tickets to claim refunds online during the coronavirus pandemic, as we understand that you may not currently be able to go a ticket office or the Post Office. 

We want to make sure all our passengers get the refund they’re entitled to, so we have created the new process below to allow you to do that as soon as possible. 

Please read the instructions and then complete the webform below to request a refund of your paper Season ticket. We are currently receiving a high volume of enquiries, as a result refunds are currently taking longer to process than normal. 

Please note we can't process refunds for tickets bought from other retailers or operators. Please contact your original ticket retailer for refund assistance. 

To make sure we are able to process your refund, please make sure you follow these steps -  

  1. Complete all of the mandatory sections in the webform (marked with *) and as many of the optional sections as you can. Not all of the fields will be relevant for every ticket.
  2. In the ‘Your Comments’ section of the webform choose ‘Your Journey’ as the Feedback Subject, and ‘Refund’ as the Feedback Type.
  3. When completing the webform below, please make sure you add 'STCOVID19' in the comments field, just before you upload your ticket images. 
  4. You will need to provide two images of the Season Ticket to be refunded.
    The first image should show your Season Ticket in its original state (see example below):
    Gold card season ticket
    The second image should show your Season Ticket with the word “COVID19” written across it, and then cut in two (see example below):
    Gold card season ticket marked with Covid 19
    Please attach both images to this form using the 'Upload document' functions below, making sure the printed details on the ticket are clearly visible in both images.  
  5. State the last date you used your Season Ticket to travel (we cannot backdate further than the 17th March)
  6. If you purchased your Season Ticket:
      - at the ticket office using cash or company cheque, or;
      - from one of our Ticket Vending Machines, 
    you can choose to receive your refund by either bank transfer (BACS) or PayPal. The information we need from you is either:
      - Bank transfer (BACS) – bank sort code and account number
      - PayPal – the email address linked to your PayPal account
    Please note, if you purchased your Season Ticket at a ticket office or online with a credit or debit card, we already have your card details and your refund will be paid to the same card.
  7. Please keep your cut-up Season Ticket until you’ve received your refund and your ticket has expired, as we may need this at a later date.

Before submitting your refund claim please make sure you have followed each of the points above.  

From 12 May, if you have been unable to travel for any reason claims may be backdated for a maximum of 56 days (eight weeks) from the date you submit your claim. You must apply for a refund before the expiry of your ticket. 

We usually aim to process refunds within 28 days.

Due to the significant increase in refund requests we’re currently experiencing it could take up to 56 days, but we will process your request as soon as we can.
If you haven't received your refund after 56 days, please contact us and we will look into it. 

Your refund amount will not be affected by how quickly your claim is processed. 
Thank you for your patience and understanding during these unprecedented circumstances. 

If you purchased your season ticket online, you should log into your account and use the self-service refund facility.

If you’re unable to log into your account and use the self-service refund facility, or purchased your Key season ticket at a ticket office or Ticket Vending Machine, please complete our online Key refund form

Don't worry if you can't find your station in the list, as we'll have all the information we need from your ticket photos and our systems. This section is not mandatory so you can leave it blank. 

Paper Season ticket refund form

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