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Priority seating

Get priority seating on our trains if you’re disabled, pregnant, elderly or have a child under the age of three

Need a seat on the train?

Need to sit down on the train, but afraid to ask someone else to give up their seat?

If so, you should apply for our Priority Seating Card.

If you want to sit down show this card to another passenger sitting in a priority seat, without causing a fuss or having to explain yourself.

You may need a priority seat if you’re disabled, over 65, pregnant or your child is under three years old.

If you’re pregnant we’ll also send you a ‘Baby on Board’ badge.

Priority seats

Priority seats are usually near the doors and are marked with a sign showing a ‘P’ inside a blue triangle.

You can find these seats on Southeastern, Southern, Gatwick Express, Great Northern and Thameslink trains.

Asking for a seat

If all of our priority seating is being used by those with a specific need then please show your card to other passengers in the carriage and ask if they can let you sit down.

Let our on train staff know if you’re struggling to get a seat and they’ll do all they can to help you.

When you can’t use your card

The Priority Seating card can’t be used in first class of if you’re travelling with a child under three and they’re in a buggy.

Apply for a Priority Seating Card

To apply for a card, please fill out this form:

Send us the form along with:

  • A passport size photo – for you and any child under the age of three
  • Proof of your address – a copy of your passport, driving licence, utility bill or ID card
  • Supporting evidence – see the list below

Contact our Customer Services Team on 0345 322 7021 if you have any questions, or you need help with the form.

Supporting evidence

You will need to send a copy of one of the following documents when you apply:

Medical condition or pregnancy

  • Doctor’s note confirming disability, medical condition or pregnancy
  • Attendance Allowance award letter
  • Disability Living Allowance award letter
  • Confirmation from Jobcentre Plus
  • Letter from the Department for Work & Pensions

Visually impaired

  • Certificate of visual impairment
  • Certificate for being registered blind or partially sighted (BD8)
  • An application form for a certificate stamped by your local social services team

Over 65

  • Birth certificate
  • Driving licence
  • Passport

Child under the age of three

  • The child’s birth certificate