Our Recruitment Process

Our recruitment process is designed to help us recruit the best people for our roles, and we want everyone to have a positive experience throughout our recruitment process. 
Everyone’s recruitment journey will be slightly different – but to help you know what to expect, here’s a look at our standard application and recruitment process.
Train tracks showing recruitment process

Download an accessible PDF of our recruitment process

Please let us know if you require extra support at any stage of the application process by emailing us at

Application Hints & Tips

The application form is your opportunity to make a great first impression and to show us that you have the skills and experience we are seeking for the role. 

We receive a large volume of applications and can only progress those who demonstrate they have the skills and experience required. 

We provide our managers with anonymised applications so your application will be considered solely based on your skills and experiences.

Download our Application Hints and Tips PDF

Talent Pools

For some of our frontline volume roles (i.e Station Staff, Conductors, Trainee Drivers) we build talent pools which allow us to fill vacancies quickly when they arise.

The recruitment journey may be slightly longer for these roles, but we aim to progress all candidates to interview stage as soon as possible.

Once you have passed interview you will be in our talent pool and once a position is available in your area, we will progress you to medical and agree a start date.

Current vacancies

Found the right role for you? Search our current opportunities and apply.

Current vacancies