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We want to help you in any way we can

We can provide things like:

  • a wheelchair from the station entrance to the train
  • wheelchair ramps on trains and platforms
  • someone to guide you if you’re blind or visually impaired
  • help climbing stairs or getting on and off the train
You can use our assisted travel booking form, contact our assisted travel team, or speak to staff at our stations and on board our trains.

You can also use the National Rail access map to view the mobility facilities for any station.

Book help with your journey

If you can, use our assisted travel form to book help before your journey. We’ll then make sure someone is there for you when you travel.

We have recently reduced the notice required for booking assistance on our services to 12 hours. (We would still recommend 24 hours’ notice for travel on other operators' services). 

At stations where our staff aren't always available, please call our Assisted Travel service. 

To make a booking or find out more details about our services, our trains and stations including staffing and accessibility, please call: 

Telephone: 0800 783 4524
Textphone: 0800 783 4548

These numbers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you prefer to fill out a form to make a booking, please use the web form below. 

Whether you book in advance or not, when you arrive at the station please find a member of staff and let them know and they will help you. If you need to cancel a booking, even last minute, please phone assisted travel so they can let the stations know you are not travelling. 

Wheelchair and Scooter guide

This guide has been produced to give you the correct information for how to be safe when using stations and travelling on trains in your wheelchair.

It also contains additional guidance for disabled people who would like to bring their scooter with them, permits are not needed to use our services, but there are additional restrictions on the type of scooters that can be used on our services.

Download a copy here

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By submitting this form you consent to your personal and journey data being gathered and held within the assisted travel booking system for three years, and made available to all Train Operating Companies and Network Rail for all your bookings, in order that they can arrange and carry out assistance on your behalf. If you do not wish for your data to be shared please call us on 0800 783 4524.

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