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Last updated: 06:19

Short term amended timetable 

You wouldn’t think the humble leaf could cause so much trouble. 50 million leaves fall onto our train tracks every autumn. When mixed with rain and squashed by train wheels, they form a slippery layer on the rails like black ice. 

Our drivers need more time to stop and start the trains as the wheels have less grip on the tracks, and so we need to make some changes to our timetable. 

Visit our autumn page to find out how we prepare.

This autumn, we’ll be running an amended weekday timetable affecting Off-Peak* metro services, but only on days when we expect the weather to be at its worst.

We aim to give you 3 days' notice before the amended timetable will be in place, and you can check your journey via our journey planner, National Rail, or the Southeastern app. You can follow us on Twitter for updates @SE_Railway #SEautumn.

 Choose your station below to download the amended timetable to help plan your journey
 Abbey Wood  Lee
 Albany Park  Maze Hill
 Belvedere  Mottingham
 Bexley  New Beckenham
 Charlton  New Eltham
 Crayford  Plumstead
 Deptford  Sidcup
 Eden Park  Slade Green
 Elmstead Woods  Westcombe Park
 Erith  Woolwich Arsenal
 Greenwich  Woolwich Dockyard

*The amended timetable affects Monday-Friday Off-Peak metro services towards London. Some morning Peak services leaving London towards these stations are also affected.

Delay Repay works as usual and will be paid based on the short term amended timetable and if your journey was delayed by 15 minutes or more.

The amended timetable has been produced in order to affect the fewest number of passengers, whilst enabling a significant increase in punctuality for passengers overall.

The amended timetable that will run on days when the weather is forecast to be particularly bad are on our website now, so you can plan for the changes.
We aim to give you 3 days’ advance notice that the amended timetable will be in place for the following week. The stations that the amended timetable applies to will display a poster detailing the amended timetable for the week, departure screens on platforms will show the services that are running, and announcements will be made.

Tweet us to find out about your service @Se_Railway #SEautumn

We hold a weekly call with Network Rail in autumn to ensure that we can react to differing weather conditions.
On the weekly call, Network Rail advise us if weather is forecast to be particularly bad and that we need to put in place the amended timetable for the next week.

Because the short-term amended timetable is implemented for the following week, once plans are in place for this, and we’ve advised passengers and employees, we stick to the plan as this gives certainty to everyone about the timetable that will be in place.

We appreciate that if the changes apply to your journey then this will be inconvenient, but the amended timetable has been produced in order to affect the fewest number of passengers, whilst enabling a significant increase in punctuality of 8% for passengers overall.

We make the decision based on the factors involved in running our particular train service in the South East. Different operators will have different factors involved which they will base their decision on. Some examples could be the gradient of the track, the number of trees lining the tracks, and how many trains need to fit on the section of track and keep to their timetabled schedule.

We work together with Network Rail to ensure that hundreds of miles of trackside vegetation is cleared throughout the year, and that special leaf-busting trains run throughout autumn that clean the rails using water jets and apply a sand-based gel to help trains grip the rails.
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