Short term amended timetable 

You wouldn’t think the humble leaf could cause so much trouble. 50 million leaves fall onto our tracks each autumn. When mixed with rain and compressed under train wheels, they form a thin layer which can be as treacherous and slippery as black ice.

On days when it's forecast that our trains will have less grip on the tracks because of weather conditions and leaf fall, we need to make some changes to our timetable to give our drivers more time to drive the trains safely.

Visit our autumn page to find out the other ways that we prepare.

Times are changing

This autumn, we’ll be running an amended weekday timetable affecting mainly Off-Peak metro services, but only on days when it's forecast that our trains will have less grip on the tracks, needing more time for their journey.

We aim to give you 3 days' notice before the amended timetable will be in place, and you can check your journey via our journey planner, National Rail, or the Southeastern app. You can follow us on Twitter for updates @SE_Railway #SEautumn.

Click on your station below to view and download the amended timetable that will run, to help you plan for the changes.

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