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You can now use Apple Pay for contactless payment on most National Rail services in London, as well as Tube, bus, tram, DLR, London Overground and TfL Rail.
If you have an iPhone 6, iPhone 6 plus or Apple Watch, just add your payment card to Apple Pay. Set up Apple Pay.
Apple Pay generally works the same as contactless payment cards. 
Remember to touch in and out on rail services so you're charged the right fare.

How to touch in and out with your iPhone

Open Passbook on your iPhone to see the card you've added on your display, then place your finger on Touch ID to authorise the upcoming payment. 

Touch it on a yellow card reader within 1 minute of touching Touch ID. Ensure that you touch the top of your iPhone flat on the yellow card reader.

When your payment information has been sent, a green light will be displayed on the card reader. Your iPhone will gently vibrate and beep and you will see 'Done' and a check-mark on your iPhone display.

Apple Watch

Double-click the side button of your Apple Watch. Touch the display of the Apple Watch on the yellow card reader within one minute of clicking the side button.
When your payment information has been sent, a green light will be displayed on the card reader and you'll feel a gentle tap and hear a beep. 

Some other things to remember...

Always use the same device

If you use Apple Pay on more than one device, for instance when the same payment card is linked to both an iPhone and an Apple Watch, make sure to choose one device and use the same one every time you travel. This make sure you avoid incomplete journeys and you benefit from daily and weekly capping.
Please be aware that you might receive payment notifications on all your devices, regardless of which one was used for touching in or out.

Watch out for card clash

If you keep a contactless payment or Oyster card in your phone case, you should remove it before using your iPhone to touch in and out. If you don't, you could pay for your travel with a card you did not intend to pay with.

Battery check

Check you have enough battery on your iPhone or Apple Watch to complete your journey. If you don't and it runs out of battery in the middle of a rail journey, you will not be able to touch out at the end and could be charged a maximum fare.
Also if an inspector asks you to touch your iPhone or Apple Watch on their reader, it will not be able to be read and you could be liable for a penalty fare.
For more details, including how to add Apple Pay to your TfL account, please check the TfL website.

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