Paper Season ticket refunds

We’ve introduced a new temporary refund process to allow passengers with paper Season tickets to claim refunds online.

Please read the instructions and then complete the webform below to request a refund of your paper Season ticket.

Please note we can't process refunds for tickets bought from other retailers or operators. Please contact your original ticket retailer for refund assistance.

To make sure we are able to process your refund, please make sure you follow these steps:

  1. Complete all the required sections in the webform below and as many of the optional sections as you can. Not all of the fields will be relevant for every refund request.
  2. In the ‘Your Comments’ section of the webform choose ‘Refund’ as the Contact Type.
  3. Detail your reason for claiming a refund in the free-hand text box, stating the last date you used your ticket to travel.
  4. You will need to provide two images of the Season ticket to be refunded.
    The first image should show your ticket in its original state (see example below):
    example of a Season ticket
    The second image should show your ticket with the word “REFUND” written across it, and then cut in two (see example below):
    ticket with 'REFUND' written across it and cut in half
  5. Please attach both images to this form using the 'Upload document' functions below, making sure the printed details on the ticket are clearly visible in both images.
  6. Please keep your cut-up ticket until you’ve received your refund and your ticket has expired, as we may need this at a later date.

Before submitting your refund claim please make sure you have followed each of the points above.

Fill in our form below for your Paper Season ticket refunds.