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Keeping you entertained onboard 

Southeastern Motion (Se Motion) is our very own on train entertainment and information system available now across our services.    

Se Motion runs from our on-board WiFi and is completely free to use. Plus, as the content is carried on the train it’s not affected by poor reception in tunnels.  

Let us keep you informed and entertained with our range of great content including your favourite TV shows, podcasts, news and much more. 

Connecting to Se Motion is easy. Hop onboard, connect to Southeastern_WiFi, or type into your browser if you’re already connected.  

Connect to Southeastern_WiFi Connect to Se Motion

Real time information for your journey 

We’ve just launched real-time information on our WiFi portal, Se Motion.

It's simple! When you're on board one of our trains just connect to the on board WiFi - or go to if you're already connected.

Then click on the train icon at the top of the Se Motion homepage to see your journey in real time.

southeastern real time information


What information can I get?

- Details of the train you're travelling on and the current location
- The calling pattern of your train and expected arrival times at each station
- Details of any delays, including revised arrival times and the reason for the delay
- Details of other transport connections, including the status of the relevant London Underground connections

Our top picks



This show is a smart, sophisticated comedy that looks into the hearts and minds of a group of friends living in New York.
©2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment inc. All Rights Reserved

house of cards

House of Cards

Frances Underwood is hungry for success and he’ll stop at nothing. With twists and turns, this cunning and fast paced drama will never cease to amaze. 
© Sony Pictures Television Inc. All Rights Reserved.


Eat: The Story of Food

Whether for meat or sugar, junk food or beer, humanity’s appetite has altered the planet, shaped our history and even altered our future.
© 2015 National Geographic Partners, LLC. All rights reserved.

Welcome to SE Explore

se explore

We have recently launched a new Southeastern channel within Se Motion, called Se Explore. Our trains travel to some wonderful destinations in Kent, East Sussex and London, Se Explore features some of our favourite destinations and attractions close to our train stations.

In SE Explore we have curated some great places for you to discover, some well-known and some hidden gems for a great day out. It includes beaches, castles and galleries, and an events calendar for even more things to discover on our network.

Connect to Se Explore

Southeastern Motion is our free onboard entertainment portal, offering TV programmes, magazines, podcasts, audio books, ebooks, games and news. 

To access Se Motion, just connect to 'Southeastern_ WiFi' on your device. 

When you log in to our WiFi, you will immediately be taken to Se Motion, where you can enjoy all our free on board content! 

If you leave this page, just type in your browser to be taken back to Se Motion. 

Se Motion content is stored on our trains.

Some channels, such as our news feed and real-time train service information, offer live streaming. 

Se Motion is completely free. 

You don't need a contract, all licences and permission to access the programmes are included. 

It's available on the browser and device of your choice, you don't need to download anything to view it. 

Membership isn’t needed, and you won’t be asked to create an account for any content. Some content providers might offer you the opportunity to sign-up for newsletters, promotions and offers, but this is between you and the content provider. 
It’s not possible to save any of the content to individual devices, because it’s formatted in a way as to not make this possible. 

Yes. You’ll need to select the ‘Browse the internet’ option from the homepage.

The normal WiFi limit of 50MB per session will apply to content downloaded from the internet, whereas content on Se Motion doesn’t count towards your 50MB. 

Yes – there is advertising from our content providers and sponsors, subject to agreed content and products. 

We use an independent media content supplier to obtain our material and our contract with them provides guidance on the type of content. We rely on their expertise and knowledge of the media providers to ensure programming meets this guidance. Additionally, content is overseen by Southeastern. We don’t approve every programme, but we do sample content for suitability. 

Magazines will be updated every month, all other content including TV programmes will be updated roughly every 3 months. 

We need to use cookies to allow you to use certain features, such as picking up where you left off a programme on your next journey.

Cookie information isn’t recorded and cookies are deleted after no more than 72 hours.

You can manage your cookie settings when you log in to our WiFi, and can change them at any time.  

Neither Southeastern, nor the equipment and content suppliers keep any personal information when you use Motion. We do monitor which content is chosen in order to maintain popular programming, as this helps informs us what our passengers would like to watch. Our Terms and Conditions are available on our website, and when you log on. 

You’ll need to log back into the WiFi and select the program you were watching.

If you have accepted cookies, then the programme will continue from where you left off.

Otherwise, you will need to scroll to where you stopped watching it. 

As Se Motion content is carried on the train it’s not affected by poor reception, either in tunnels or areas where the WiFi signal is poor. 

First, check that your device is connected to 'Southeastern_WiFi'. 

If Se Motion has disappeared, visit to return to it. 

if you continue to experience problems, with either our Se Motion content or WiFi connectivity, please email

Please accept marketing cookies to view this content.