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Season tickets

Great discounts for regular travellers

You can save a lot with a season ticket if you make the same peak time journey 3 times a week or more.

You can choose a ticket that covers any period from 7 days to 1 year, and it's also valid if you want to get off at a different station along your route.

You will need to carry a photocard with you for all the journeys you make with your season ticket (except for period/annual Travelcards issued on Oyster by train companies or Transport for London).

Weekly tickets

Weekly season tickets cost less than five daily peak returns and allow you to travel for seven consecutive days with no time restrictions. They are available from our ticket vending machines or from any of our ticket offices, but not online.

Monthly - plus create your own season ticket

Save even more by buying a monthly season ticket rather than weeklies. You can also buy season tickets for any period between one month and one year.

Buy online or from any ticket office. Monthly tickets are also available from our our ticket vending machines.

Buy season tickets online

Annual season tickets

Buy an annual season ticket and you'll save over 23% on a weekly for the same period. You’ll pay the same price as just 40 weekly season tickets - giving you 12 weeks free travel!

You also get extra benefits and discounts on top. Your friends and family can travel with you and save 1/3 off the price of most standard fares at weekends, on public holidays and after 10am Monday to Friday - and 4 children may accompany you for just £1 each.

Buy online or from any ticket office. Annual tickets aren't available from ticket vending machines.

Buy season tickets online