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Record-breaking high speed service

A record number of passenger journeys were made on Southeastern’s Javelin trains in 2014, the 5th anniversary year of the high speed link between Kent and London. 

More than 10.3 million journeys were made in 2014 and to meet rising passenger demand, the service has been extended to call at more stations. A new ‘coastal loop’ has also been introduced to increase journey opportunities for passengers on the East Kent coast.

Oyster PAYG and Contactless for high speed services from London to Stratford and Dartford

You can now use Oyster PAYG and Contactless payment for a single fare between St Pancras and Stratford International on our high speed services.

The Oyster/Contactless fares between these two stations will be the same as or lower than the existing paper fares.

This should make it quicker and easier during busy periods because it means you no longer need to use ticket machines.

  • Please note seperate high speed pay as you go rates apply.
  • Travelcards are not accepted on high speed train services
  • The new fare is not included within daily or weekly capping.

You can now also use Oyster PAYG and Contactless payment between London and Dartford.

For full details on Oyster and Contactless payment please visit

SonoramaSonorama by Claudia Molitor

An audiowork for the train journey from St Pancras International. 

Located on the train journey between London
St Pancras and Margate, Sonorama is an audio work by
composer Claudia Molitor for the otherwise silent view
from the train, experienced through headphones via
a free downloadable App.

Suitable for all Apple handsets of 4S and above. A version is available
to stream online at on other handsets where
there is 3G coverage. 



Did you know? 

  • The trains are named after Britain’s top athletes including Dame Kelly Holmes and Sir Steve Redgrave. 
  • The train operates at a maximum speed of 140mph (225 km/h) – the same speed as the new Audi RS7 autonomous race car

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Find-tickets-buttonBook tickets with us online with no booking fees and free first class delivery (or £2 recorded delivery option) or collection from one of our self-service ticket machines. Alternatively, book at a ticket office or station ticket vending machine.   

If you have a ticket to London Terminals, a Travelcard ticket from stations outside the London zones or you hold a Season ticket, you can upgrade to high speed services by buying a supplement. Find out more

Download our high speed timetable (Book 8) here. 


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